Certified Landscape Services
Certified Landscape Services
Specializing in Homeowner Associations

Servicing the Coachella Valley over 25 years


Certified specializes in meeting the needs of gated communities, country clubs and homeowner associations. We understand our clients’ needs for high quality service, professional staff and fair pricing. We work directly with property managers and HOA Boards to set and achieve goals related to water management, seasonal events and budget control.


Our goal is to help plan, plant and grow a successful, low-maintenance solution that yields positive effects on our environment and is ascetically pleasing. Professional landscape maintenance will retain the value of your investment as well as increase the value of your property. While we plan for a low-maintenance solution, it does require the proper amount of irrigation and attention.


Need for low-maintenance yet elegant landscaping options on your property? Desert landscaping just may be the right choice for you. We select native species that reflect the beauty of the desert and will survive with little water. With a mix of trees, rock, and native plants you could be on your way to having your new beautiful desertscape in no time. We also specialize in artificial grass/turf which helps reduce up keep costs.


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